Dry Eye Therapy

Dry Eye Therapy with easy to use pump

The pump releases the drops one at a time so it’s easy on your hands (no more squeezing), safe, and you wont waste any drops!

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Dry Eye Therapy

Soothe® Restore

Advanced Dry Eye Therapy

The eye’s protective layer is thinner
than a human hair, and it’s what stands
between the eyes and the world.

If you have dry eye symptoms, you are more
likely to have a relatively thin lipid layer.1

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1.Blackie CA et al. The relationship between dry eye symptoms and lipid layer thickness. Cornea. 2009 Aug; 28(7): 789-94
†Complexity of the tear film: Importance in homeostasis and dysfunction during disease. doi: 10.1016/j.exer.2013.10.008

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Dry Eye Therapy
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Dry Eye Symptoms

Do you have any of these symptoms?Eye RednessEye irritationEye stinging or burningBlurry visionWatery eyesDifficulty wearing contact lenses

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