Soothe Preservative Free

Soothe® Preservative-Free

Preservative-Free means it's very gentle on the eyes, allowing it to be used every day and as often as needed throughout the day. Soothe® Preservative-Free Dry Eye Therapy offers fast, long lasting relief of tired, stressed, burning and teary eyes.

Key Features & Benefits

Innovative easy-to-use bottle makes it easy useGentle enough for sensitive eyes and post operative dryness (i.e. LASIK, cataract surgery)*Can be used for up to 6 months after opening2.4 mg/mL hyaluronic acid (as sodium hyaluronate)

*If you are using this product for post-operative (e.g. LASIK) dryness and discomfort, follow your eye doctor’s instructions.

Active Ingredients

0.24% Sodium hyaluronate

Other Ingredients:

Sodium chloride Potassium chloride Disodium phosphate dodecahydrate Sodium dihydrogen phosphate-dihydrate Water for injection